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Sommerfeld golf course renovation

Time does not pass by unnoticed even on a golf course - particularly one that guarantees professional maintenance employing all the necessary technical know-how and a purpose-configured machine pool. The good news is that any golf course can be restored to perfect form and shake off its handicaps, either by applying professional regeneration techniques or an extensive process of renovation.


Regeneration comprises a range of maintenance measures that preserve or restore the turf's optimum playing characteristics – any gaps in the turf, irregularities or surface soil compactions are removed by us – completely and competently.


Renovation requires specialist building measures to ensure that the grass surface can be restored to an optimum playing standard – any deficiencies, such as defective drainage facilities (or none at all), deep-lying soil compactions or simply unsuitable construction not only make the game more difficult but also hinder the effective and economic use of the course. We rely among other things on the tried and tested system of ground-level construction – a drainage network close to the surface that optimises the water and nutrient balance of the upper layers, rendering the otherwise standard drainage layers superfluous.

To determine what types of work are required, the Sommerfeld team of experts conducts an extensive diagnosis of the soil's physical parameters. Based on these findings, we then devise a plan of necessary measures – naturally with strict consideration of current environmental requirements.

From aeration, thatching, sanding, slitting, fitting special drainage facilities to the complete course conversions, we conduct all activities professionally, punctually and oriented to the specific conditions of the course – employing innovative techniques and special golf course machinery. And we back it all up with our good name.


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