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Sommerfeld golf course maintenance

The name Sommerfeld is known for green-keeping with system and passion and efficient, well-conceived golf course maintenance of the highest standard. With an average size golf course, up to 50 percent of the entire operating costs are attributed to its professional care and maintenance. You can profit from outsourcing this activity in two ways – economically and qualitatively. Our numerous innovations in the areas of maintenance management, plant nutrition and deployment planning plus the use of the latest mowing techniques make the outsourcing of maintenance activities for your golf course maintenance a particularly shrewd decision, the benefits of which you will notice immediately.

Not only do you profit from our considerable know-how and the varied synergies of the Sommerfeld System, but you also gain planning security through reliable controlling, and minimise your operating risk, since personnel costs and the entire machine pool are looked after by us, which saves you valuable time.

Last but not least, you can benefit from your course's value enhancement, because you can tell simply by looking, when a golf course is being maintained by Sommerfeld. The bottom line is a hole in one for every golf course operator.


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