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If you want to be a top player in international golf course construction, you need to be extremely familiar with the principles of landscaping. Demands are rising continually, and no two golf courses are alike. A Sommerfeld golf course ensures maximum player enjoyment coupled with unparalleled sporting pleasure at one with nature. This is due not least to the perfect shaping, but also thanks to the reliable planning and logistics plus the use of state-of-the-art technology right from the start.

To live up to our quality claim built up over several decades in every new project we perform, we work exclusively with our long-term permanent employees and experts – in cooperation with renowned international architects, who support us in our planning and course construction activities. This philosophy and the extensive experience that arises out of it – among other things in the various construction types, such as USGA or FLL – are what have turned the name of Sommerfeld into an international standard in golf course construction. 

Naturally, what applies to construction also applies to conversion: we find the best solution for you, with due regard for ongoing playing activities, to make your course even more attractive to players – from physical studies of soil characteristics, drainage, watering and planting to the reconfiguration or construction of new game elements, and the creation of new water features, plus pathways, bridges and car parks. 

Whether you choose a new construction or a conversion – with us as your partner, your golf course will match your expectations one hundred percent. Yet another golf course deserving of the Sommerfeld label.


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