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Sommerfeld sports field renovation

More than anything, every field is only as good as its turf. But quite often, what it lacks is individual, methodical maintenance, especially when subjected to ongoing intensive use. The consequences are well-known-excessively compact soil, resulting in poor drainage and inadequate nutrition of the grass.

Sommerfeld puts the air back in your soil using a renovation concept specially configured for your field. Drainage systems devised specifically for your soil guarantee optimum water removal, in many cases removing the need for full restoration of the field.

Here too, the first job for our skilled renovation team is to draw up a thorough inventory of the field's characteristics. Based on findings and analyses from extensive preliminary testing, we devise an individual plan for your field, including all necessary regeneration activities, and taking into account current environmental requirements.

Our services include aeration, scarifying, sanding, slitting, fitting special drainage facilities and complete sports field conversions. Our renovation activities make use of our own patented Sommerfeld System machines, developed specifically for use in renovation activities and which conform to the highest standards. We put your field back in top form – and that's a promise.


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