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Sommerfeld sports fields

The ball is round and the game lasts for 90 minutes, as Sepp Herberger once famously proclaimed. Unfortunately there are no famous quotes regarding the quality of the field where the game is played, but one thing is certain: the pitch is at least as important as the ball. A good sports field needs a substructure with a specific construction that is able to retain its functional properties even under the influence of extreme stress and weather conditions. Whether made of natural or artificial turf or with a cinder surface – with Sommerfeld, every substructure is the player's partner. Quality and experience make all the difference.

We have planned and built professional sports facilities for both competitive and recreational sport for many years, in close cooperation with architects and planners. Our modern engineering techniques and sound technical knowledge guarantee your future investment. And they also ensure that playing sport continues to be a fruitful pursuit, as much from an economic as from a sports perspective.


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